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Appliance Repair - We fix all appliances!

Appliance Repair | AB Climate and Appliance - Quad Cities, IL

AB Climate and Appliance will provide you with expert assessment and repairs of countless home appliances. We service all major brands of home appliances, and our staff of skilled, experienced technicians knows how to carry out appliance repair and fix any appliance that you may be having trouble with.

We know that your home is filled with appliances that make your life easier. Unfortunately, it can often be difficult to tell what is wrong with your machines. We have put together a list of tips for the most common home appliances that will let you know how to keep them working longer and make it easier to know when problems do arise.

Dishwasher Tips
• Cleaning the screen or filter regularly will help keep your dishwasher running at its fullest capabilities.
• Use Jet Dry or Rinse Aid on newer dishwashers, as they are energy efficient.
• If you run your tap water until it’s hot, you can save energy when starting up your washer.
• Running your wash with vinegar once a month will prevent soap scum from building up and prevent bad odors.

Refrigerator Tips
• Refrain from pushing your refrigerator all the way against the wall. Allow 3 to 5 inches to help the circulation of air and make your refrigerator more efficient.
• Empty your ice bin every month to prevent the buildup of ice in your ice maker.
• Regularly check the door seals of your refrigerator for leaks in the seal.

Microwave Tips
• Never run your microwave while it is empty; you could damage the mag-tube.
• Always keep the cavity clean and grease-free.
• Never slam the door of your microwave, doing so can damage the micro switch.

Dryer Tips
• Never leave your dryer running unattended.
• Empty the lint screen after you use your dryer.
• Every 3 to 4 months you should wash your lint screen with warm water and soap.
• If your dryer takes too long to dry clothes, check the vent duct for any blocks or kinks.

Following these tips will extend the life of your appliances. But no matter what precautions you take, sometimes machines just break down. AB Climate and Appliance wants to be your provider for any appliance repair and maintenance that you may need.